Monday, November 06, 2006

Tom Tom

Person has Tom Tom. That's why she didn't get lost when she went to Walk on Fire on Bonfire Night. Tom Tom told her Where To Go. (She won't let He-Person tell her Where to Go). Tom Tom is always Very Patient and always Very Polite and always Very Kind. Tom Tom is always CORRECT. Tom Tom never gets Cross if Person goes wrong.

Sue-Person-Neighbour-From-Heaven's Third Born is called Tom. When he was little she called him Tom Tom. Perhaps she still calls him Tom Tom. I wonder if her Tom Tom tells Sue-Person Where to Go?

Persons didn't call me Pip Pip when I was little. Person only calls PIP PIP PIP PIP PIP when she wants me to COME very quickly. You will like to see another picture of me when I was little.

My Person's Tom Tom sounds like a He-Person. But 'it' can also sound like a She-Person! Confusing. Dogs are either DOGS or BITCHES. Tom Tom may be a Cross Dresser but he's not a Cross Navigator. Tom Tom's a very Patient Navigator and there are never any Arguments with Tom Tom navigating.

Person is going to Gainsborough to learn Canine Communication soon. Marmite can teach her to Grimble, Monty the Mont can teach her to Bark and I can teach her to make Little Sad Noises. She will take Tom Tom to show her Where to Go and Tom Tom will look after her. She won't need me or Monty the Mont or Marmite to look after her.

I hope she doesn't learn to Understand us too well.

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  1. Anonymous7:43 pm

    Hi Pip

    The contrary one has Tom Tom too. But listens about where to go from another SHE person. Cant have a HE person telling her where to go!!

    Watch out for your She person when she is over trained - you have been warned.