Friday, November 03, 2006

She-Person going OUT

Tomorrow She-Person is going OUT again All Day and All Evening. (She is Going OUT a lot just now).

He-Person will be here.

When I am Biting Marmite's Ear He-Person SHOUTS at me from a Long Way Away PACK IT IN. I pretend I don't hear him. He SHOUTS at all of us from a Long Way Away when we BARK at Dogs going past the end of our Field. HEY, PACK IT IN! PIP? MARMITE? MONTY? PACK IT IN. He always SHOUTS at me first because Everything is always My Fault. Anyway, that's what he thinks. He always SHOUTS at Monty the Mont last, because Monty is his Favourite. There might be a lot of SHOUTING tomorrow when She-Person is OUT.

She-Person isn't doing CANINE COMMUNICATION tomorrow. She is WALKING ON FIRE instead. Perhaps. I couldn't Walk, Run, Chase and Hunt with Burnt Feet. Person would have to carry me. I would need to go to the Vet, like I did when I had my Wound. Who will carry Person if she has Burnt Feet?

Here I am, trying to make Monty the Mont PLAY with me.

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  1. Anonymous7:25 pm

    Hi Pip

    This is the contrary one again!!

    She person going OUT does not give the pack carte-blanche to run riot and make he person hoarse. Do not wait until he person goes to sleep because he will go doubly hoarse when he wakes up! BE WARNED