Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Frogs and Toads

My Friend Tobi from Costa Rica who writes to me in my Blog NEARLY DIED once and he had to be Saved by his Vet. He saw something funny Hopping About and thought it would be Fun to Play With. It was a FROG.

I have never seen a FROG, but Marmite picked one up once. She didn't Nearly Die. We sometimes have TOADS in our Garden too. Perhaps FROGS and TOADS in Costa Rica are more Poisonous than FROGS in England.

Tobi says DON'T PLAY WITH FROGS. They may look like Fun when the Hop About, but the Taste HORRID.

Person has found out that if enough toxin is ingested Dogs may have an Irregular Heartbeat and Act Strangely, as if in the grip of a Hallucination. Also Mouth irritation with Foamy Salivation, Depression, Weakness, Collapse, Difficulty breathing, Seizures, Fever, Vomiting and Diarrhea.


My Person used to like FROGS and TOADS. She says she had a Pet Toad when she was a Child. She called it Timothy. Timothy lived in a big box with stones and earth and a pond and leaves. She used to feed Timothy with Worms. If the Worms were too big she cut them into smaller bits. Sometimes Person took Timothy into her Bedroom.

Person says she wouldn't have a Pet TOAD again now. Nor a Pet FROG. She wouldn't want me to have Foamy Salivation and to Act Strangely as if in the grip of a Hallucination. Nor Monty the Mont. Nor Marmite.

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