Tuesday, December 12, 2006


It's Raining and Raining and the Wind is Blowing and Whooshing.

I am Bored. Monty the Mont is Bored and so is Marmite Bored.

There is No News. Person has been working at her Computer all day, making a new Website and a new Database and doing lots of Typing. She is Setting Up her New Business as a Dog Listener. So I am Bored.

I ate a Pen earlier. Person dropped it on the floor.

I had a little Fight out in the Field with Monty the Mont before it started to Rain. Marmite joined in - she always takes Monty the Mont's side and they both chase at me and BARK at me. I show my TEETH but they don't believe me.

The Wind Blew too much and we came Indoors.

I am just so Bored. Monty the Mont is so Bored. Marmite is so Bored.

Anyway, it's Warm on our Beds in front of the Radiator under Person's desk.

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