Thursday, December 14, 2006


It's still Windy.

There are Grass Tassles blowing about.

I have Whiskers. Am I an Airdale? Am I a Chinese Crested Dog? Am I a shaved Cat?


Monty the Mont YOU CAN'T CATCH ME!

Karen Person came to see us this morning.

I nearly Jumped Up but not quite - but Person put me OUTSIDE. Monty the Mont Pranced a little and nearly Jumped Up and Person put him OUTSIDE too. At first Marmite was a Very Good Dog. Then SUDDENLY she JUMPED RIGHT UP onto the sofa next to Karen!

My Person put Marmite OUTSIDE STRAIGHT AWAY.

Very soon Person let us back IN again. We didn't Jump Up.

Karen PUSHED me away gently whilst not looking at me, just like Person told her to. I knew what Karen really wanted was to make a Big Fuss of me.

Then Karen gently PUSHED Monty the Mont away. Then she gently PUSHED Marmite away. Then she Pushed us all Away. We only wanted to Lick Karen's legs. She had some special skin cream on her legs which tasted nice.

Karen just went on talking to my Person. Karen didn't look at me. Karen didn't look at Monty the Mont. Karen didn't look at Marmite.

Person says we were MILLING AROUND Karen and she put us OUTSIDE AGAIN.

The Third time Person let us in we quickly Settled Down.

Marmite lay down first and gave a big SIGH. Monty the Mont then lay down and gave a big SIGH. I went first to have a sniff in Karen's bag and then went to Lie Down. I gave a big SIGH.

After a while Person said Karen could now make a fuss of us if she called us to her. That Spoilt it all.

Karen called to Monty the Mont, but I came as well and so did Marmite. We got Excited. We didn't jump up though.

Anyway, Person just put us OUTSIDE again.

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