Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Squeaky Toys

On the Sofa? ME?

Neighbours from Heaven gave us Squeaky Toys with Spots for Christmas.

Today we Played with our Squeaky Toys with Spots until Marmite KILLED hers so it didn't Squeak any more.

Then Persons put away the two Squeaky Toys with Spots and the Dead Toy which didn't Squeak any more.

I Liked Christmas and I Liked BOXING Day. I like it when different Persons come to see us.

When Persons came they mostly IGNORED us though. Sometimes, just when I was Ignoring them and I had settled down for a quiet Doze they would call me over for a Cuddle and a Fuss.

Monty the Mont was called over for a Cuddles and a Fusses and so was Marmite. Then we all wanted Fusses and Cuddles at the same time. We got too Excited so we went OUTSIDE.

I Don't Understand Persons.

Anyway, we were Very Good Dogs really.

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