Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Rescue Kennels

OUTSIDE is slippery and white. It's so COLD my feet stick to the paving.

My Person went to the Rescue Kennels today. This is where I was born. In the Rescue Kennels there are 40 dogs, and the Person who lived there and looked after them just went away. Suddenly. So my Person is helping.

She came home smelling of Greyhounds and German Shepherds. She also smelt of a Dog called Nemo.

Nemo had been a Very Happy Dog because he was found a New Home. But now he's a Very Sad Dog. The Persons in his New Home took him back to the Rescue Kennels. It was because they Split Up. That must hurt. Do Dogs Split Up I wonder?

Nemo is about 20 months old. Nemo is Deaf. I'm not Deaf - I'm a very good Hearing Dog and I'm a Sight Hound. Dog Listener Persons would Understand Nemo, and Nemo would Understand Dog Listeners. This is because Dog Listeners say Actions Speak Louder Than Words.

My Person says she could have Fallen in Love with Nemo (and also one of the Greyhounds). Person says we can't have any more dogs in our Pack. She has enough Trouble with Me, and with Marmite, and with Monty the Mont. I wonder what she means?

So, Nemo badly needs a New Home. Here is a picture of Nemo:

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