Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Boxing Day

It was Christmas Day yesterday.

It's Boxing Day today. BOXING Day?

I had Presents yesterday. I had a Stuffed Bone. Monty the Mont had a Stuffed Bone and so did Marmite.

I had a Squeaky Toy but Person takes it away from me because I always try to kill Squeaky Toys and then they don't Squeak any more. When we all have Squeaky Toys it's Very NOISY.

I carried balls made of of Wrapping Paper about. So did Marmite and so did Monty the Mont. I like balls made of Wrapping Paper.

We had Ten Persons at our house yesterday. In the evening Artist and Sue-Person Neighbours From Heaven came to our house with Tim and Tom. Persons were all Very NOISY. More Noisy than me and Monty the Mont and Marmite with Squeaky Toys.

And all the Persons DRANK a lot. The drink smelt funny and it made me blink.

I Nudged, and I Leant Against and I Pawed and I lay on my Back to GET ATTENTION. So did Marmite and so did Monty the Mont. This was to make Tim and Tom and Artist and Sue-Person make a Fuss of us and Play with us. And for a little while it Worked! But this is NOT ALLOWED. So my Person put us OUTSIDE and when we came back IN we had to go to our Beds.

From my Bed I looked at Neighbours-from-Heaven with my Sad Look so that they would think my Person was Cruel.

All the Persons LAUGHED a lot. They did something called a Quiz. They did More DRINKING.

When Artist Person stood up to go back home I thought he might Fall Over but Sue-Person caught him in time.

It took a long time for Artist-Next-Door to find the hole to put his key in so he could open his front door so they could all get into their house. All the Persons were LAUGHING a lot. Artist was LAUGHING a lot as well.

Persons can be CONFUSING at times.

Anyway, today Person is taking Sarah Bear home to London. Then it will just be He-Person here with Me, Monty the Mont and Marmite.

So, it's BOXING Day today. I think it may be SOFA Day too. It will be FOOTBALL Day. He-Person will watch Football on TV VERY LOUD because my Person will be away in London.

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