Thursday, December 28, 2006


Chocolate is Bad For Dogs.

Chocolate smells nice.

Hannawannah had Chocolates for Christmas, but she didn't give me one.

Person found out that the first signs of Chocolate Poisoning are Vomiting and Diarrhea, Increased Urination and Nausea. These can progress to Cardiac Arrhythmias and Seizures.


Marmite is a Chocolate Labrador. Marmite has quite frequent Urination. She is Chocolate colour but she can't eat Chocolate. If Marmite ate Chocolate she might end up with even more Urination, Cardiac Arrhythmias and Seizures. I wouldn't like that because I love Marmite.

My Person helped at the Rescue Kennels again today. She helped Clean the Kennels out. There was a lot of Urination there.

Anyway, there is good news because Nemo who is Deaf has gone to live with new Persons. He was in his New Home in time for Christmas.

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