Friday, December 22, 2006

Danger in the Night

In the middle of Last Night I heard NOISES OUTSIDE. I heard a Dog Barking as well. Monty the Mont heard Noises too and so did Marmite.

Marmite started with her funny little sound which is like a BARK trapped inside her trying to get out. Then she broke into a loud WOOF. Then I BARKED. Then Monty the Mont BARKED.

Persons used to SHOUT at us if we BARKED in the Night. When Persons SHOUTED while were BARKING it sounded like WA WA WA WA and like they were Joining In.

We knew then that there must be REAL DANGER because Persons were making a lot of EXCITEMENT and NOISE as well.

So then we knew we had to to BARK and BARK even MORE.

But Person has been doing her Dog Listening and she's being an Alpha Wolf. So do you know what happened? We were BARKING in the Middle of the Night and Person got up and she came and THANKED US. Thanked us for BARKING!

We knew then that she had Taken Notice.

Person opened the Door and she went OUTSIDE but without me, or Marmite or Monty the Mont. We watched her through the glass door. She Looked About. She Listened. This is because the Alpha Wolf makes the Decisions in times of Perceived Danger.

Anyway, Person just came back INSIDE without a word. She went back to bed.

We knew then that everything must be Safe and that we didn't need to help her Defend the Pack.

I went back to bed. Monty the Mont went back to bed and Marmite went back to bed. We didn't need to BARK any more.

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