Saturday, December 23, 2006

A New Home

My Person went to Help at the Rescue Kennels again. She says it was Cold, Foggy and Wet at the kennels.

I was born in the Rescue Kennels. I was found a New Home but I became Very Sick and I Nearly Died. And so the Persons didn't want me any more.

So I was RESCUED again by my Person when I was 9 weeks old. It was only going to be until I was Made Better and was Found a Home.

When I was Better Person just kept me.

Here is a picture of Bryony who is a Greyhound and she is in the Rescue Kennels. She is Grey. A Grey Greyhound. She is only three years old and very Loving. I'm very Loving, Monty the Mont is very Loving and so is Marmite.

I managed to creep back on the Sofa again last night. So did Monty and so did Marmite.

Bryony would like to curl up on a Sofa in a Person's warm house. Bryony has a cold wet nose just like mine. Bryony's little bit of field is now all Muddy and Cold so she has to go inside all by herself to keep Warm.

If you know anybody who would Rescue Bryony like my Person Rescued me, please send me a Message (on the right) or email me on

My Person keeps saying she is Very Very Happy to have me. She says she would never take me back to the Rescue Kennels. Not even when I chewed the remote control, or broke the vase, or chewed A Short History of Nearly Everything which was a library book.


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