Saturday, December 09, 2006


So, when Person came back from her Course with her Certificate in Advanced Canine Communication we were Very Happy Dogs. Because she didn't Look at us when she came in we were also Very Calm Dogs.

Then she SPOILT it all. She took us to the Person Training ('Dog' Training ha ha) Christmas Party.

We were Very Good Dogs and Very Calm Dogs when we got out of the Car - until we heard lots and lots of BARKING and TALKING and MUSIC coming from our Training Hall.

Monty the Mont was Prancing About. He-Person went ahead with Monty PULLING him.

My She-Person had my lead and she had Marmite's lead. She had to hold on Tight.

I felt Excited. I also felt Scared. Danger? I PULLED so I could get Ahead. Marmite also PULLED so that she could get Ahead.

And Person just STOPPED.

Then she Started again and Changed Direction. She didn't say anything to us at all.

I PULLED again to get Ahead and so did Marmite.

And Person just STOPPED again. Then she Started again and Changed Direction. She didn't say anything to us at all.

I could see that if we carried on like this we would NEVER get to Find Out what was Happening in the Hall.

So then I Walked Very Nicely and Marmite Walked Very Nicely as far as the Door.

There were Lots and Lots and Lots of Dogs, and Lots and Lots and Lots of Persons and lots and lots of Children. I SPRANG FORWARD. Marmite SPRANG FORWARD. I Love Children. Marmite Loves Children. There was Music. I could smell Food. Dogs and Persons and Children were Laughing and Shouting and Barking and Running About and Sitting on different Chairs. We PULLED and we PULLED on our leads.

Monty the Mont then started BARKING and He-Person took him back to the Car. Monty the Mont kept on BARKING in the Car. Monty the Mont always BARKS when he is all by himself in the Car. So He-Person took Marmite back to the Car to keep him company.

My Person said it was BEDLAM.

I played one Game. It was a Sausage game. There was a row of Plates and each had some Sausage on it. I had to run to each plate and eat Sausage as Quickly as possible. I love Sausage. If Person fed me Sausage instead of Dry Neutro I wouldn't Mess About at meal times.

CONFUSING. Lots of Persons I didn't know. Lots of Dogs I didn't know. Lots of Persons I did know and lots of Dogs I did know. I was on my lead so I couldn't Investigate. And for some reason I had Sausages to eat from a row of plates.

Anyway, I did manage to have a quick kiss with Abi the Retreiver who is in my New Class. I love Abi and I love Minto. I couldn't find Minto at the Christmas Party, but I was on my lead so I couldn't have a good look. I said Hello to Person Ann's little Patterdales and to Toby and Bella who are Jack Russells. I said Hello to the Other Monty who is a Whippet. I was a bit unsure of a Big Lassie Dog so a lay on my back to be on the safe side.

I was just beginning to Enjoy Myself when Person took me back to the car. Marmite and Monty the Mont SNIFFED me.


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