Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Another Dog Listener

Becky-Dog-Listener came to our house this morning. Yes, another Dog Listener.

Because Becky is a Dog Listener, when she came in she IGNORED us of course. Well, she tried to IGNORE us.

I Jumped Up. Person put me OUTSIDE. But while Person was putting me OUTSIDE Monty the Mont was Jumping Up. Person put Monty OUTSIDE with me and while she was putting him OUTSIDE Marmite was Jumping Up.

We needed to stand on our Hind Legs to say Hello to Becky because Becky is Very Tall.

Person said to Becky-Dog-Listener they don't usually do that any more. I don't think Becky believed her though.

We did come INSIDE again, but started Scrapping with each other, so we went OUTSIDE again.

Anyway, we did eventually come INSIDE and settle down on the rug. Person and Becky were just doing a lot of talking. About Dogs.

Then when Becky left we didn't even get up to say Goodbye.


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