Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Dog Listeners don't get Cross

It's not very nice weather for Dogs. Rain Rain Rain.

It's nice weather for Ducks. Monty the Mont picked up a dead pigeon yesterday. He brought it back to He-Person because he's a Labrador Retriever. The Pigeon had its head missing. I think Monty the Mont ate it.

Chloe's Person wipes Chloe's feet before she can go into her house. My Person would have TWELVE feet to wipe so she Mops the Floor instead.

Person has been talking to the lady with Buster the Boxer who has the Horrible Habit. Buster is going to the vet tomorrow for Tests to see if he has Something Wrong with him. Buster's Person wants to GET RID of Buster now. Poor Buster.

My Person will never Get Rid of me, she will never Get Rid of Monty the Mont and she will never Get Rid of Marmite. She Loves us. But then, we don't have the Horrible Habit.

Person is getting Cross with me and she's getting Cross with Monty the Mont and Cross with Marmite today.

I try to remind her that Dog Listeners DON'T GET CROSS. Dog Listeners KEEP CALM.

Person is getting Cross with us because we are SCRAPPING Indoors. Person keeps sending us OUTSIDE, go and do that outside. Then we come back in again with Dirty Feet. Then Person must Mop the Floor. Then we start SCRAPPING again.

Anyway, we don't like SCRAPPING in the Rain so we're SCRAPPING in the Kennel instead.

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