Saturday, January 13, 2007


Person was wrong about the Sheltie. Sheltie doesn't Bite. Sheltie Barks. At Everything.

I don't Bark at Everything, nor does Marmite. But we both Bark at Monty the Mont who is doing his LAST STAND which means he is Barking for Attention again.

When Monty the Mont Barks for Attention Person puts him OUTSIDE and pulls down the blind so he can't see Persons, he can't see Marmite and he can't see me. She calls that ISOLATING HIM FROM THE PACK. He doesn't like that so he then Barks to come in. Person doesn't let him in until he has Stopped Barking.

Soon Monty the Mont will have lost Person's 'Who's the Alpha Wolf' game.

Sheltie Barks when his Person picks up his lead. He Pulls her down the road Barking all the time, and he Barks at Children and he Barks at other Dogs and he Barks at Balls and he Barks at Bicycles and he Barks at people Wearing Hoods.

Now when Sheltie Barks when his Person picks up the lead she is going to put it down again and Do Something Else. He won't go OUT at all until he isn't Barking.

Sheltie is going to Lose the 'Who's the Alpha Wolf' game too.

Here is a picture of Monty the Mont Barking at Magic to Get Attention when he was a Puppy.

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