Sunday, January 21, 2007

Little Dogs

Person has been doing Dog Listening with some Little Dogs.

On Friday she saw a Jack Russell who lives with another little Terrier. Little Terrier is a Very Frightened Little Dog. He is Frightened by lots of things. He tries to Climb the Walls and Curtains when he is Frightened, he Cries and he Shakes and he Foams at the Mouth.

His Persons are learning to Understand Dogs and to help little Terrier.

Then yesterday Person went to see two little Westies and a very little Powder Puff. Powder Puff is a dog really. One of the Westies tried to Nip my Person when she went in their gate!

These three little dogs have a Big Responsibility. They think they have to Guard the House all by themselves. They think they have to Guard the Garden all by themselves. They think they have to Guard their Persons all by themselves.

Their Persons always do just what the Two Westies tell them to do. The Two Westies do just what the Powder Puff tells them to do. Powder Puff thinks she is the Queen.

Not for much longer!

Today Person is going to see another Little Dog. He is a Terrier too. I hope he doesn't nip Person when she goes in the gate.

My Person NEVER does what I tell her to do. Person never does what Marmite tells her to do. Person never does what Monty the Mont tells her to do. (Sometimes Monty the Mont tries to tell Person do what to do. Monty the Mont likes to Leap About and to Get in Front and Control Person. She is having none of that!)

Anyway, I might have some Very Good News soon. Another Dog Listener Person is going to see Briony. Bryony is the Grey Greyhound in the Rescue Kennels that I told you about a while ago. I was born in the Rescue Kennels. If the Dog Listener adopts Bryony she will have another Greyhound to live with, and a Person who Understands Dogs, and she will be a Very Very Lucky Dog just like me.

Here is a picture of me and here is a picture of Briony.

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