Thursday, January 11, 2007

Monty's Last Stand

I have decided I quite like Person being a Dog Listener. Marmite has decided she quite likes Person being a Dog Listener.

I am happy to go along with Person Pretending to be an Alpha Wolf for now. He-Person hasn't said That Bloody Pip for a long time. He hasn't said That Flaming Marmite for a long time. He still says You're a Lovely Boy Mont but that's because Monty the Mont is He-Person's Favourite.

Person says Monty the Mont is making his LAST STAND. Monty the Mont is Upping his Game. He is trying even harder now to be Top Dog.

When I lie down on the floor Monty STANDS OVER me. He is saying to me I'M THE BOSS. When Marmite lies down on the floor Monty STANDS OVER her. He is saying to her I'M THE BOSS.

When we come in from OUTSIDE Monty the Mont comes through the door First. Then me. Then Marmite.

Monty the Mont doesn't want to Play Person's Game of 'Who's the Alpha Wolf?'

Monty the Mont is trying to push through the door IN FRONT of Person! When he does that she turns around and waits until he is behind her. Then she goes through the door.

Monty the Mont has begun to Throw himself at the door when he's OUTSIDE and wants to come in, instead of waiting patiently like he used to do, and like Marmite does and like I do apart from my sad little noises.

So, Person is doing extra Gesture Eating especially for Monty the Mont. Person is doing special Stop Start Change Direction walks with Monty the Mont. Person IGNORES Monty the Mont unless she calls him to her.

Today I am going to Person Training (Dog Training ha ha) to see Linsey Trainer Person. Marmite is going to Person Training too.

Monty the Mont will stay in the car this time. He will go to Person Training again when Person has WON the 'Who's the Alpha Wolf?' game. I wonder how long it will take for her to win.

Anyway, I might see Minto and I might see Abbey this afternoon.

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