Sunday, January 07, 2007

Boxing and Lurching

Yesterday Person came home smelling of Buster who is a Boxer.

I liked Boxing Day. Boxing Day was better than Christmas Day because Ole and Tally came to play with me and Monty the Mont and with Marmite.

Today Person came home smelling of Ozzy who is a Lurcher like me. Ozzy is mostly dark grey. He looks like a grey Greyhound.

If there's a Boxing Day, is there a Lurching Day too? I don't lurch. I run Very Fast when Marmite and Monty the Mont are chasing me. (Artist-Neighbour-From-Heaven did a bit of lurching on Christmas evening).

Ozzy looks like poor Bryony who is the Greyhound in the Rescue Kennels Person goes to. She is Grey. A Grey Greyhound. She is only three years old and she is Very Gentle.

Bryony would like to curl up on a Sofa in a Person's warm house. Bryony has a cold wet nose just like mine and just like Ozzy's. Bryony's little bit of field is now all Muddy and Cold so she has to go inside all by herself to keep Warm. You can see a picture of Bryony if you click here.

Ozzy's Persons Love him. Ozzy's Persons Look After him. At the moment Ozzy is thinking that he must Look After His Persons. Ozzy lives in a warm house just like me and just like Marmite and just like Monty the Mont.

Ozzy's Persons are now doing Dog Listening with him. Soon Ozzy will be Very Gentle just like poor Bryony who is in the Rescue Kennels.

This is me with one of my old bones. Person says our garden looks like an ancient burial site.

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