Thursday, January 18, 2007

Power Cut

We had a Power Cut today. It was because of the Wind.

Another Very Windy Day. Person says we go SILLY when it's Windy

Person couldn't make the house LIGHT. So, when the sun went down which made it Dark and Cold, we all went to bed. (Well....Sofa).

Person came home very late yesterday and she smelt of German Shepherd.

The German Shepherd is called Bailey. He is only one year old.

Bailey has only lived with his new Persons for two weeks. Bailey's Persons have had lots of German Shepherds so Bailey is a Very Lucky Dog to have been saved by his new Persons.

Because in his old home Bailey was left alone for Hours and Hours every day, Bailey hasn't learnt How to be a Member of a Pack. I wouldn't like to be left alone for Hours and Hours. Marmite wouldn't like to be left alone for Hours and Hours and Monty the Mont wouldn't like to be left alone at all.

So Bailey is trying Very Very hard to DO HIS JOB. He thinks his Job is to make Decisions, to decide who comes INTO his house, to decide who goes OUT of his house, to control doorways, to control Walks, to attack Traffic, to protect everybody and to be in control of their other Shepherd, Millie. In fact Bailey thinks it's his JOB and his RESPONSIBILITY to have the POWER to be in charge of EVERYTHING.

Bailey is already a very Lucky Dog because his Persons love him so much they are now learning Dog Listening to show Bailey that they are the Alpha Wolves....and not Bailey.

Bailey is having a Power Cut.

Soon Bailey can relax and just be a Happy Dog.

Anyway, here is a picture of the Power Cut.

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