Sunday, January 28, 2007


Buster, the Boxer has stopped his Horrible Habit!

Buster's Person is starting to love him now. She is not going to Give Buster Away any more.

My Person would never Give ME Away, she would never Give Marmite Away and she would never Give Monty the Mont Away. None of us do the Horrible Habit. YUK

Person's dog Listening showed Buster's Person how to be Calm when he had done his Horrible Habit. To PRETEND to take no notice. Buster likes being Shouted At and Scolded when he's Bored. It is lots of Attention. Lots of Attention is Fun.

Buster now knows there is no point in doing his Horrible Habit because his Person doesn't take any notice of it any more. And she gives him Lots of Attention when he does NOT do his Horrible Habit.

Anyway, I am a Lucky Dog because I never get Bored. I have Monty the Mont to Scrap with. Marmite can't be bothered with Scrapping. Marmite doesn't want to play the 'Who's the Top Dog?' game.

If we ever do get a bit Bored we Dig Holes in the Field. Digging Holes in the Field is Fun.

Here is another picture of me Scrapping with Monty the Mont. We are only PRETENDING. I would not want to really Hurt Monty the Mont and Monty would never want to really Hurt me.

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