Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Doing Other Things

Person is taking her Dog Listening Very Seriously.

She always Eats something before putting our Bowls down because she thinks she's an Alpha Wolf now. She calls this Gesture Eating.

Alpha Wolf? I wasn't fooled. I told her I wasn't fooled by walking away from my Bowl without eating anything and Doing Other Things. Person then would just take my Bowl away.

Well, Person has now Called My Bluff.

When we are all excited because we think it should be Breakfast Time or Tea Time Person just Does Other Things. She carries on Doing Other Things until we have settled down.

Then some time later when she feels like it Person feeds us. Perhaps she is an Alpha Wolf after all.

And I always Eat my food now. Quickly.

Person is also taking us for Road Walks each day. She takes me all by myself. She takes Marmite by herself and then she takes Monty the Mont all by himself.

Monty the Mont usually goes last because each time Person picks up his lead he starts to Prance and Jump about. So Person just puts the lead back and Does Other Things. Sometimes she has to Do Other Things three or four times before Monty the Mont stops Prancing and goes out Quietly.

Each time I Pull and try to Get Ahead Person just STOPS. Then she Starts Again and Changes Direction. We have now got as far as the house with white gate posts before Person turns around and comes home again. It takes Monty the Mont a long time to get to the house with white gate posts because Person keeps having to Stop and Change Direction.

Monty the Mont usually spoils it all by Lunging at the Telegraph Pole on the corner for a Sniff and to Mark the Spot.

So, another of Person's New Year Resolutions is to have all three of us Walking down the road with her, with Loose Leads and no Pulling or Lunging at Telegraph Poles.

Anyway, it's only Day Three of the New Year and we know what happened to Person's No Sofa Resolution. We know what happened to Person's Eat Only Fruit During the Day and then Sensible Evening Meal Resolution. Will her All Three Dogs Walking Down the Road Together Nicely Resolution actually happen, do you think?

And here are Marmite and Monty the Mont trying to Kill me again.

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