Monday, January 29, 2007


Person took me Down the Track for a Walk yesterday all by myself. (She was messing about Changing Direction and all that. Still, I just went along with it).

Person Let me OFF LEAD and I Ran and Ran, I Jumped down the Bank, and I sniffed in Badger Holes.

When Person Called me a Came Back to her Straight Away.

Person took Monty the Mont for a Walk yesterday all by himself. Monty the Mont had to Change Direction more than I did because he was TOO EAGER to get to the Track and he Pulled.

Person let Monty the Mont OFF LEAD and he Ran ahead, then he Ran back to Person, then he Ran ahead, then he Ran back to Person. He kept Stopping to Sniff and to Mark the Spot.

When Person Called him Monty the Mont Came Back to her Straight Away.

Person took Marmite for a Walk yesterday all by herself. Marmite didn't Pull much. She just Waddled along.

Person let Marmite OFF LEAD and she didn't Waddle. She RAN. She Ran ahead. She had her Nose to the Ground and she kept going. (Marmite was Following the Scent of the Staffie I had met on my Walk earlier).

When Person called M A R M I T E, Marmite didn't Come. Marmite was disappearing into the distance, Sniffing.

Person thought OK then and she turned around and started to go back home. She looked over her shoulder but Marmite had disappeared.

Person then did something she tells other people not to do. She turned around and went after Marmite. Person could see Marmite in the distance, wandering back. Marmite had thought she had better see where Person had got to.

So Person Waited.

When Marmite got back to her Person said are you Deaf,Marmite?

When Person and Marmite got back Home, Person said to He-Person I think Marmite is Deaf. He-Person said Rubbish.

Marmite liked eating snow the other day.

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