Sunday, January 14, 2007

Dopey Tablets

Person took us each for a Stop Start Change Direction walk yesterday, and do you know who was best?

Monty the Mont! Perhaps it won't be long before Monty the Mont lets Person win the 'Who's the Alpha Wolf' game.

Person came home today smelling of Jack Russell.

Person came home today feeling sad. When she went in the house Jack Russell had a Muzzle over his nose and mouth. He had a Muzzle so he couldn't Bite.

Jack Russell had a chain lead on his collar. He had a chain lead so his Person could grab hold of him.

And poor Jack Russell was Dopey because he was Drugged. He was Drugged to Keep Him Quiet.

Jack Russell's Person said Jack Russell may have to be PUT DOWN. Put Down?

I don't like being PICKED UP. I like to Stand and to Walk and I like to Run. My Person finds me heavy to pick up so she doesn't have to PUT ME DOWN. She can't pick up Monty the Mont and she can't pick up Marmite at all. But Jack Russell is small and light.

Person IGNORED Jack Russell just like she IGNORES me. Soon he came and lay down next to her.

Person asked for his Lead and Muzzle to be removed. Jack Russell came back to lie down next to her and she still IGNORED him. He was Very Dopey.

Jack Russell is going to stop having Dopey Tablets. His Person is going to try Dog Listening instead.

I don't Bite and I don't need a Muzzle. Monty the Mont doesn't bite and doesn't need a Muzzle. Marmite doesn't bite either and she doesn't need a Muzzle.

Anyway, I would need a lot of Dopey Tablet to make me dopey. So would Monty the Mont. Marmite wouldn't need quite so much Dopey Tablet to make her dopey because she is a little bit dopey already.

Here is Marmite under Person's desk trying to eat the bookmark hanging down from Person's diary. She couldn't do that if she had a Muzzle.

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